‘I’m a Therapist—Here Are 3 Ways Finding Mental Health Provider Can Feel Like Dating’

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I wrote a piece for Well + Good Magazine. Here is an excerpt. Feel free to check the rest here:

As a therapist in New York City, I see patients from all walks of life: students, professionals, older adults, people of all genders, races, and economic backgrounds. Most of the time, a patient and I work very well together. Occasionally, however, the therapeutic relationship doesn’t jive. The reasons can vary. But after years of experience, I’ve come to understand some of the most important factors in finding the right therapist.

Before we talk about therapy and dating, let’s talk about the realities of our healthcare system. Health insurance plays a significant factor n overall therapy access. Many people can’t afford the out-of-pocket fees and need to use their insurance to pay for therapy sessions, limiting their options. Moreover, many insurance plans can have high deductibles or limit the number of sessions a person can have, making therapy expensive and limiting. This also means you don’t have endless sessions to burn in pursuit of your mental health match.

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