The Need For Solitude

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Solitude is for me a fount of healing which makes my life worth living.- Carl jung

Just a quick post this morning. I spent the last hour contemplating solitude. There is an aloneness that comes with going within to the unconscious. The outside world seems less meaningful. I go about my routine, talk to the people I love, but at my heart I feel the aloneness of living. This is not a bad thing. As Robert DeNiro says in Heat, “I’m alone, I am not lonely.” There are depths in my heart that I don’t fully understand. How can I expect others to do that for me? So my work is a solo endeavor, to mine the depths of my soul.

But this work is needed for the work I do, and the way I want to live. It helps me the therapist and writer I want to be. It helps be grateful for every experience. It helps me to love deeply all the people in my life. So I seek out solitude every day when I can. It helps me recover my soul.

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